Victorian Budget 2018/19

The Victorian Budget 2018/19 has a strong focus on jobs and training. While there is little detail to date, Domestic Violence Victoria welcomed the Premier’s acknowledgement that part of their workforce investment will be dedicated to building the skilled family violence workforce required to deliver on the Royal Commission reforms.

Family violence was not a headline budget item this year, but there were some new funding announcements which are outlined below. The Victorian Government also outlined the $42.5m additional investment in this media release.

Long term and bi-partisan commitment to addressing family violence is critical. DV Vic will continue to work with the Victorian Government to ensure the commitment to this work remains strong and the vision of the Royal Commission’s recommendations is achieved.

Read our media release: Money for Jobs and Training in Family Violence

Funding announcements relevant to the family violence sector

TAFE and training for workforces in government priority areas

$180.9m in 2018/19, $303.8m over two years

Continued and increased funding to respond to Victorian job growth with more training. Part of this funding will be available to “develop skilled workforces in government priority areas, including family violence…”

Family violence therapeutic and flexible support

$22.6m in 2018/19, $49.8m over four years

Flexible support packages continued for next two years, approx. 6500 packages in total. Also funding for adolescent family violence service to provide access to therapeutic interventions for families.

The Wyndham Multidisciplinary Centre will be funded to provide a range of specialist services for survivors of sexual assault and family violence (open mid-2018).

After-hours refuge responses for victims of family violence

$6.4m in 2018/19, $27.7m over four years

Up to 12 family violence refuges will be funded to continue to provide secure, after-hours operation to refer and accept women and children seeking immediate support.

Increase in family violence crisis properties

$1.3m in 2018/19

Funding for additional family violence crisis properties in the Wimmera South Mallee area.

Aboriginal 10-Year Family Violence Plan

$9.1m in 2018/19, $13.5m over four years

Funding to support a strong, integrated Aboriginal workforce and family violence prevention and response sector to create better access, equity and choice of family violence services for Aboriginal people in Victoria. Focus on implementing the 10-Year Family Violence Plan.

Djirra’s media release: Record investment into Aboriginal Affairs but long-term focus on Aboriginal victims/survivors of family violence still needed

Implementation of Industry Plan for Family Violence Prevention and Response

$5m in 2018/19

Funding for initiatives, including further graduate level training, to implement the Industry Plan for one year.

Elder abuse family counselling and mediation service

$2.2m in 2018/19, $6m over four years

Trial of integrated model of care to respond to elder abuse extended, offering specialist clinical advice and family counselling and mediation services from five locations across Victoria.

Protecting older Victorians from elder abuse

Improving gender equality in Victorian communities

$3.3m in 2018/19, $9.6m over four years

Funding for gender equality initiatives and programs (in private and public sector workplaces, sporting organisations etc.) to continue implementing the gender equality strategy, Safe and Strong. Also includes grant to fund building restoration and maintenance at the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre.

Preventing family violence in Victoria

$6m in 2018/19, $24m over four years

Behavioural change campaigns and a range of initiatives will receive continued funding to support Victoria’s strategy to prevent family violence and all forms of violence against women, Free from violence. We understand most funding will go towards the Victorian Government’s state-wide awareness campaign.

Respectful Relationships initiative for children and youth

$9.5m in 2018/19, $22.9m over two years

Continued funding for initiative to provide training and support to schools as they implement a whole of school approach to Respectful Relationships and deliver respectful relationships education as a core component of Victorian Curriculum. Also to provide professional development support for early childhood educators.

Family Violence Implementation Monitor

$1.4m in 2018-19, $4.2m over three years

Continued funding for the Funding Violence Implementation Monitor to assist with oversight and acquittal of the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

For further details see Victorian Government’s overview of family violence funding.