Submission to the Victorian LGBTIQ+ Strategy

DV Vic welcomes the development of the Victorian LGBTIQ+ Strategy (the Strategy) as an important advancement in Victoria’s commitment to elevate the voices and experiences of all LGBTIQ+ Victorians, including those who are victim-survivors of family violence. The LGBTIQ+ community was identified by the Royal Commission into Family Violence (RCFV)  as one of the community groups at increased and particular risk of family violence, and evidence is emerging that LGBTIQ+ people experience family violence at commensurate, if not higher, levels as the rest of the community. The recent Private lives 3 report found that almost two in five (38.5% of 6815) respondents reported being abused by a family member, including both birth and chosen family. The establishment of the Strategy and proposed LGBTIQ+ Taskforce provides a valuable opportunity for connection and alignment between the vision for LGBTIQ+ communities and the family violence reform agenda in Victoria. Our submission in response to the LGBTIQ+ Strategy Directions Paper (the Directions Paper) reflects this.

Read the submission here.