Submission on Early Release of Superannuation Consultation

DV Vic responded to the Review of Early Access to Superannuation for victims of family violence calling on the Australian Government to abandon this proposal. We reiterated the concerns we raised in early 2018, when this scheme was originally proposed, that women already have significantly less superannuation compared to men. Allowing victim survivors to access their superannuation early would put women experiencing family violence at greater risk of poverty later in life. We also argued that it is the Government’s responsibility to support victim survivors of family violence and that allowing early access to superannuation is a move towards individualising a systemic social problem instead of committing to a strong social safety net that support all women equally.

Instead of allowing early access to superannuation, we called on the Australian Government to  fund support services that support victim survivors of family violence such as specialist family violence services, financial counsellors and community legal services; fix the social security system by increasing income support payments to a level that does not leave recipients in poverty; and fund a national Flexible Support Package program based on the Victorian model to fill this systemic gap in other states. Finally, we highlighted several concerns about the implementation of early access to superannuation for victims of family violence, should this scheme go ahead.

Submission responding to the Review of Early Release of Superannuation Consultation