Progressing Recommendation 31 – Final Report

DV Vic and SAS Vic are pleased to announce the release of the final report of the Progressing Recommendation 31 Project.

The Project is intended to inform possible ways forward for Recommendation 31 which focuses on the potential for improving and increasing collaboration between the specialist family violence and specialist sexual assault sectors, as outlined in the 2016 Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence Report. The project found that the specialist family violence and sexual assault sectors are highly complementary and frequently interconnected, and that there is an enthusiasm across the sectors for greater connection and collaboration. Furthermore, the findings highlighted that the distinct specialisation of each sector should continue to be recognised and sustained in practice, policy and funding, along with support for greater collaboration into the future.

There are many people to thank for their contributions to this piece of work. Firstly, we are grateful to all the practitioners and organisational leaders across the specialist family violence and specialist sexual assault sectors who contributed their time and invaluable insight to this project. Your expertise has shaped the recommendations made in this report.

We also wish to thank Janice Watts for her wonderful work, flexibility and commitment to ensuring that the voices in our sectors are represented in the project findings and recommendations.

Representatives from DV Vic and SAS Vic have met with Family Violence Victoria to formally present the final report, and we look forward to meeting again in the new year to discuss next steps for progressing this essential work.

Read the full report here.