Monitoring the Family Violence Reforms Submission

The years since the Royal Commission have been a period of unprecedented investment in family violence prevention and response, with the Victorian Government investing nearly $3 billion already to implement the Royal Commission’s recommendations. This investment has created rapid change reflective of an ambitious reform agenda, on a scale not previously attempted.

In many instances the impact of the immediate reforms is only just starting to be felt as the reform agenda moves from design to implementation and measuring outcomes. In this submission, DV Vic points to several areas requiring priority attention as the family violence reforms progress, chief amongst them being implementation coordination and planning, including greater transparency and accountability in reform governance. This submission also includes discussion of evidence emerging from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in relation to the agility and readiness of the family violence response system in Victoria to respond to whole of community crises.

DV Vic is grateful for the opportunity to provide our submission on the implementation of the Royal Commission recommendations to date. Our commentary primarily focuses on the impact of the reform implementation on SFVSs for victim-survivors, and the context within which SFVSs sit.

Read our submission here: DV Vic FVRIM Submission July 2020