DV Vic Submission to National Homelessness Inquiry

Family violence is the most common reason that victim-survivors of family violence, including children, become homeless. DV Vic’s submission will focus specifically on the following points within the Terms of Reference as they relate to victim-survivors of family violence:
– Opportunities for early intervention and prevention of homelessness
– Services to support people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness

As there was significant overlap between the National Inquiry and the recent Victorian Inquiry into Homelessness, we have attached our submission to the state Inquiry as a supplement to this submission (Appendix A). We have also provided a collection of additional submissions related to specific points raised in this submission to expound upon the points provided here.

Finally, this submission is designed to complement other submissions made by our colleagues in the community services sector with a range of expertise. This submission intends to bring a specific family violence lens to this other work. As a member of the Australian Women’s Alliance Against Violence Against Women (AWAVA), DV Vic also endorses AWAVA’s submission to this Inquiry.

Read the full submission here