DV Vic and No to Violence combined submission: Non-fatal strangulation offence

No to Violence (NTV) and Domestic Violence Victoria (DV Vic) welcome the opportunity to provide our feedback on Victoria’s proposed stand-alone strangulation offence. We commend the Victorian Government for highlighting the serious issue of non-fatal strangulation in the context of family violence (FV), as well as the impacts of non-fatal strangulation on victim survivor’s physical and psychological health and emphasising the
association of non-fatal strangulation with FV risk and serious injury.
NTV and DV Vic would, however, like to highlight that FV, including non-fatal strangulation is not simply a matter for the civil and criminal legal systems to identify and respond to. Rather, FV is a complex social problem that all segments of the Victorian community play a role in addressing.

NTV and DV Vic combined submission: Non-fatal strangulation offence