Expanding Early Interventions in Family Violence in Victoria

Women and children experiencing family violence often come into contact with people who, with the right support and training, can identify family violence and intervene early to:

  • stop violence from escalating
  • prevent it from recurring
  • reduce the harm it causes.

Among those well placed to do this are people working in health care settings such as general practice, community health centres, hospitals and maternal and child health centres, and in schools and early childhood settings such as child care facilities. Workplaces and services providing housing, employment, mental health, drug and alcohol services can also provide opportunities for early interventions.

Currently in Victoria there isn’t a systematic and consistent approach to this work. This project, funded through an ‘exploration grant’ from the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, allows us to take the first step towards this.

The report provides the foundation for a framework to develop best practice in early intervention in family violence in Victoria.

Expanding Early Interventions in Family Violence in Victoria (PDF)