Media on Joy Rowley’s inquest findings

There was a wave of media coverage following the Coroner’s findings from Joy Rowley’s inquest. At the same time the murders of three other women, in their homes, became headline news leading to more reporting on family violence and what needs to be done. Here is a list of the coverage including comment from DV Vic or the the Rowley family below:

5/8/18, Mum’s murder sparks review into family violence-related deaths, 9News

4/8/18, Victoria Police pledges family violence deaths review, The Herald Sun, Wes Hosking

3/8/18,Family violence deaths dominate headlines as Victorian coroner calls for changes, ABC News, Jack Kerr and Emma Younger

3/8/18, Women fear ‘Russian roulette’ when reporting family violence, The Age, Tom Cowie

2/8/18, We are right to be horrified by Victoria’s toll of dead women, The Age, Miki Perkins

2/8/18, Coroner urges reviews of family violence deaths after murder of Joy Rowley, The Age, Erin Pearson & Adam Cooper