Domestic Violence Victoria calls for more help to cope with increased demand during coronavirus pandemic

Domestic Violence Victoria spokeswoman Alison Birchall said increased time spent at home could exasperate volatile family situations and prove dangerous to victims…

She called on the state and federal government’s to provide more money so services could cope with the predicted increase in demand.

“Our concern is that family violence will increase in terms of frequency and severity during the coronavirus pandemic,” Ms Birchall said.

“While we’ve never experienced anything like this before and there’s no specific data out there regarding family violence and public health emergencies … what we do realise is patterns do change. “

Demand for family violence services always outstrips the resources available … (but) given these circumstances I think additional funding is always welcome and there is certainly campaigning being done at the federal level to provide additional funds.”

Ms Birchall said it was important to note that while many offices and community buildings were temporarily closed, support was still available and victims “haven’t been forgotten”.

She also said it was more important than ever that family and friends kept the lines of communication open in case their loved one needed them to dial for help on their behalf.

Herald Sun