Remuneration Rates

One of the Best Practice Principles of the Family Violence Experts by Experience Framework focuses on the importance of valuing the contributions and expertise of survivor advocates. One of the other principles emphasises the importance of being transparent when providing information about participation opportunities. Read the principles in full.

One way in which transparency can be achieved is by ensuring that your organisation provides remuneration in a way that is clear and consistent. An example of the type of document you might like to develop for your organisation is outlined below.

Level of engagement Remuneration Mechanisms of engagement Rate Specify costs covered (travel, child care, taxi, meals etc)
Co-production Sitting fee
  • Positions on boards and/or other governance structures
Co-production Salary
  • Paid Peer Support Workers
Co-production Hourly rate
  • Contribute to organisational strategic planning
Collaborate Hourly rate
  • Represent the experts by experience perspective on Steering Committees, Advisory Committees, Working Groups
  • Program and project involvement
  • Invited Speaker at an event
Involving Hourly rate
  • Reviewing or contributing to research or project work
  • Promoting a service publicly
  • Media advocates
  • General advocacy work
Consulting Hourly rate
  • Participation in consultation activities such as focus groups, consultative workshops and interviews (in person or via phone)
Informing None
  • Attend an event as an audience member
  • Formal client feedback (eg. complete survey)
  • Informal client feedback

Before you set your payment rates, it might be useful to look at the consumer participation rates set by other organisations, for example:

The Consumer Cost Model — Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

The National Mental Health Commission — Paid Participation Policy Participation-Policy-revised-March-2019

Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010

More information about legal considerations of engaging consumer representatives can be found at the Not for Profit Law — Justice Connect website