RE: Eurydice Dixon

All forms of violence against women are connected, whether it is committed by someone the woman knows, a stranger, or even a system that treats women as objects. There’s something in our culture that supports the message that men are entitled to women’s time and attention. But this is something we can change.

We can build a safer community by recognising and challenging sexist attitudes when we see them. We need men to speak to other men about this issue, to reinforce that disrespect towards women is not okay and violence is never acceptable.

Women are not responsible for the violence men choose to commit. We have come a long way in recognising that and we are beginning to address it, but there is clearly more to do. Everyone has a role in ending violence against women, that includes governments, services and the broader community. We all have a responsibility to every woman in Australia to continue this work.

Fiona McCormack on ABC News Radio 

Fiona McCormack on Jon Faine (14 minute mark)

Quoted in an ABC article