Joint statement from Domestic Violence Victoria & Domestic Violence NSW in response to the federal government and opposition’s commitment to funding for women’s safety

We welcome the federal government’s record investment in preventing and responding to violence against women. We’re glad the Opposition has also developed policy and funding commitments to this issue and we hope to see continuing bipartisan support for providing much needed resources to end men’s violence against women and the devastating effect it has on too many Australians.

We look forward to working with the government on fine tuning the details of a system that could make a real, measurable difference to keeping women safe. The ongoing expert advice already sought out by government to target this funding has helped ensure it is directed to the areas where it is most needed – crisis responses, accommodation and long-term prevention.

Domestic and family violence experts are keen to continue sharing their knowledge and experience with government over the next three years of funding roll out. This particularly includes consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, women from cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds and women with disabilities, groups we were glad to see recognised in today’s funding announcement.

We hope to see services for and consultation with LGBTIQ communities in the final funding allocation, and funding for family violence legal services in the government’s response to the ALRC’s review of the family law system, but the investment announced today is very welcome.

DV NSW CEO Moo Baulch said:

“In NSW frontline support services are constantly struggling to cope with demand and have to make heartbreaking decisions about which families they can support, so funding for safe, affordable, long term housing is  also essential. We hope that whoever leads NSW Government’s work in this space beyond our state election this month is willing to match commitments to keeping women safe in their homes (where possible) and adequately resourcing crisis support services.”

“Good governments prioritise the health, safety and wellbeing of the most vulnerable people in their communities, so we are particularly pleased to see investment in support and prevention strategies for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, who we know experience violence at the highest rates and who are most marginalised from support systems.”


DV Vic Interim CEO Sandie de Wolf said:

“Violence against women has a devastating impact on the whole Australian community. We need to focus our efforts on promoting gender equality and preventing violence from occurring in the first place. We look forward to working on this with the federal government over the three years of the funding roll out.”

“Preventing violence against women and their children is long term work and we pleased that political, business and community leaders continue to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to this most urgent social issue”