Family violence is not a niche issue, it is a core issue

Domestic Violence Victoria is devastated by the murders of two more women in Melbourne over the weekend following the deeply saddening deaths of Jack and Jennifer Edwards in Sydney last Thursday.

In the wake of these tragic incidents we reiterate the need for all political parties at both federal, state and territory levels to commit to long-term, bipartisan and evidence-based effort to end violence against women and children. This includes long-term, sustained effort in the work of preventing violence from happening in the first place.

This is not a niche issue. This is a core issue, and until we treat it like one we will continue to have weekends like this.

DV Vic CEO Fiona McCormack said:

“The best evidence on the likelihood of perpetration of domestic violence is attitudes towards women and attitudes towards violence.

We don’t see almost two men murdered by women per week in Australia. This is largely happening to women and children, perpetrated by men.”

The Australian Domestic and Family Violence Death Review report showed us that 80 percent of the 152 intimate partner homicides in Australia between 2010-2014 were committed by a man killing his current or former partner. Of the 20 percent of women who had killed a current or former partner, 60 percent were the primary domestic violence victim in the relationship.

With over 70 000 police call outs for family violence incidents in Victoria per year, these murders are just the tip of the iceberg.

We all have a role to play in challenging attitudes that condone discriminatory attitudes towards women because it is these contribute to the conditions that allow violence against women to flourish.

Until there is change, this problem will not go away.

For more information or comment from CEO Fiona McCormack please contact the Media Team: 0433 760 426