RE: ‘Family Violence Disclosure Scheme’ announcement

The Victorian Coalition have announced their intention to pilot a ‘Family Violence Disclosure Scheme’ should they be elected to government, to allow women and their family and friends to check whether an intimate partner has a history of family violence.

DV Vic appreciates the Victorian Coalition’s focus on family violence but has concerns that this scheme was not included in the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

“The Royal Commission provided an independent and evidence-based blueprint for a sophisticated and comprehensive family violence system that’s needed to address family violence in Victoria” said CEO, Fiona McCormack.

“We need to move away from the tendency in the past of having a change in direction, depending on the government of the day.”

“What is needed is long term, bi-partisan effort to see the delivery of every one of the 227 recommendations.”

While we appreciate the intentions behind this scheme, we are conscious that the implementation of the Royal Commission recommendations can deliver the same objectives in a comprehensive and coordinated way.

For more information or comment please contact the DV Vic Media Team at or 0433 760 426.