Making renting fair for victims of family violence

DV Vic welcomes and supports legislation being introduced by the Victorian government to make renting easier for victims of family violence. The Royal Commission into Family Violence made several recommendations related to residential tenancy reform, which we commend the government for including in this Bill.

DV Vic supports the Make Renting Fair campaign’s call for Victorian Parliamentarians to pass the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2018 before the state election this year.

DV Vic CEO Fiona McCormack said:

This Bill recognises how important it is that survivors of family violence and their children have access to safe and secure homes. This is key to helping families find a pathway out of the cycle of family violence.

Here are some of the changes that will help family violence survivors and their families:

  • In situations of family violence, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) can make orders to terminate an existing rental agreement and require the current residential rental provider to enter a new agreement with survivors of family violence.
  • If an order to terminate or make a new rental agreement is made as a result of family violence, VCAT can make further orders that clarify to what extent a survivor of family violence is exempted from paying for outstanding rent, damage caused to the property and any utility charges that have arisen as a result of family violence.
  • Provisions that prohibit a rental provider unreasonably refusing changes to the property to improve the safety and security of the property for survivors of family violence and their children.
  • Survivors of family violence cannot be ‘blacklisted’ on residential tenancy databases if they breach their rental agreement due to family violence.
  • A survivor of family violence making an application to VCAT cannot be cross-examined by the perpetrator of the family violence.

See more about the Make Renting Fair campaign here.

For more information or comment from CEO Fiona McCormack please contact the Media Team at or 0433 760 426.