Concern about Opposition’s policy for mandatory sentencing for family violence offenders

Domestic Violence Victoria is concerned about the Victorian Opposition leader’s recent announcements on mandatory sentencing for family violence offenders. Obviously we want to ensure all offenders are properly managed by the justice system but family violence is a complex matter that cannot be changed by knee-jerk reactions.

“We welcome the Opposition’s desire to take action on family violence, but there is no evidence mandatory sentences or increased police powers before they’re properly prepared will make a difference to keeping women and children safe from family violence,” said Fiona McCormack, CEO of DV Vic.

“The Royal Commission into Family Violence laid out a long term plan for us. They spent months understanding all the complexities involved and we need to stick to the plan. We can’t keep going with this “new government, new approach” response.”

DV Vic has written to all major political parties in Victoria asking them to confirm their commitment to implementing the Royal Commission’s recommendations. We have asked them to respond in writing and we are still hopeful that the Opposition will join the other parties in committing to full bipartisan support for the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

“Victoria put so much into that Royal Commission,” Fiona McCormack said.

“It would be a terrible shame to waste all that time, money and expertise now.”

Fiona McCormack is available for further comment

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